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Citizenship And Fundamental Rights Gk Questions Answers English

Q1.Who is the guardian of Fundamental Rights under the Indian Constitution? A. judiciary, B. Cabinet, C. Parliament, D. President, Q2. In which Articles of the Constitution the Right to Freedom of Religion is mentioned? A. Articles 23-24, B. Articles 25-28, C. Articles 14-18, D. Articles 19-22, Q3.In which Articles of the Indian Constitution, […]

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Constitution Amendment Gk Questions Answers English

Q1.42 Which Constitutional Amendment Act was passed to repeal several objectionable parts of the Constitutional Amendment Act? A. 45th, B. 46th, C. 43rd, D. 44th, Q2. Under which Constitutional Amendment Act the age of voters was reduced from 21 years to 18 years? A. 63rd, B. 64th, C. 61st, D. 62nd, Q3.The Deputy Chairman of Planning […]

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Expansion of British power Gk Questions Answers English

Q1.Who is credited for ending the practice of Sati and ending thugs? A. Lord Auckland, B. Lord Canning, C. Lord Dalhousie, D. Lord William Bentinck, Q2.Who is known as the ‘King Maker’? A. Chinkilich Khan, B. Syed brothers, C. Mir Jumla, D. Zulfiqar Khan, Q3.Who led the English army in the Battle of Plassey (1757)? A. Hector Monroe, B. […]

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Vijayanagara Empire Gk Questions Answers English

Q1.Bahmani kingdom was established? A. Husain Nizam Shah, B. Mujahid Shah, C. Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah (Hasan Gangu), D. Ali Adil Shah, Q2.Who is known as the ‘Precursor of Todermal’? A. Murshid Quli Khan, B. Alauddin Hassan, C. Mahmood Gawan, D. none of these, Q3.When was the Vijayanagara Empire established? A. 1206 AD, B. 1526 AD, C. 1336 AD, D. 1347 AD, […]

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Harappa Indus Civilization Gk Questions Answers English

Q1.The earliest evidence of silver availability is found in India? A. In Vedic Samhitas, B. In silver coins, C. In Harappan Culture, D. In the Chalcolithic Culture of Western India, Q2.Indus civilization falls in which of the following era? A. Post-Historical Period, B. Proto-Historical Period, C. Historical Period, D. Pre-Historical Period, […]

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Top Modern India Gk Questions Answers English

Q1.Who was the author of ‘Indian Unrest’? A. Lala Lajpat Rai, B. Valentine’s Shirol, C. Dadabhai Naoroji, D. Annie Besant, Q2.Mahatma Gandhi said that some of his deepest beliefs are reflected in the book ‘Unto This Last’ and this A.book changed his life. What was the message of this book that changed Mahatma Gandhi? A. The life of an individual lies in the welfare of all, […]

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Top Medieval India Gk Questions Answers English

Q1.During whose reign Maratha chief Shambaji was assassinated? A. Jahangir, B. Akbar, C. Aurangzeb, D. Shah Jahan, Q2.What was the meaning of ‘Sar-e-Nawat’? A. Foreign Minister, B. Home Minister, C. commander, D. Minister of Religion, Q3.Which of the following is correctly matched? A. Meenakshi Temple – Pallava, B. Khajuraho – Chandel, C. Ellora – Shaka, D. Mahabalipuram – Rashtrakuta […]

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Top Ancient India Gk Questions Answers English

Q1.Bhimbetka is famous for? A. Buddhist statues, B. origin of Son River, C. cave paintings, D. minerals, Q2.’Malti Maghav’ was authored by? A. Shudraka, B. joy, C. Bhus, D. Bhavabhuti, Q3.Which foreign traveler was the first to visit India? A. itsing, B. Fahian, C. hientsang, D. Megasthenes […]

General Knowledge

Top General Knowledge Questions Answers English

Q1.Which is the first country to make constitution? A. India, B. America, C. Russia, D. China, Q2.Who is the first female President of any country in the world? A. Maria Estella Razabel, B. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, C. Melania Knauss, D. Caroline Mickelson, Q3.Who is the first Governor General of Pakistan? A. Khwaja Nazimuddin, B. Sir Ghulam Muhammad, C. Mohammad […]