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Top Ancient India Gk Questions Answers English

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Ancient India Gk Questions Answers In English

Q1.Bhimbetka is famous for?

  1. Buddhist statues
  2. origin of Son River
  3. cave paintings
  4. minerals

Correct Ans: C. cave paintings

Q2.’Malti Maghav’ was authored by?

  1. Shudraka
  2. joy
  3. Bhus
  4. Bhavabhuti

Correct Ans: D. Bhavabhuti

Q3.Which foreign traveler was the first to visit India?

  1. itsing
  2. Fahian
  3. hientsang
  4. Megasthenes

Correct Ans: D. Megasthenes

Q4.Why was Nalanda University world famous?

  1. Buddhism Philosophy
  2. Chemistry
  3. Medical Science
  4. Logic

Correct Ans: A. Buddhism Philosophy

Q5.Which of the following was not a center of learning in ancient India?

  1. Nalanda
  2. Kosambi
  3. Takshashila
  4. Vikramshila

Correct Ans: B. Kosambi

Q6.The author of ‘Swapnavasavadata’?

  1. Bhavabhuti
  2. Rajshekhar
  3. Kalidas
  4. Bhus

Correct Ans: D. Bhus

Q7.Who discovered zero?

  1. Aryabhatta
  2. Bhaskar
  3. Varahamihira
  4. none of these

Correct Ans: D. None of these

Q8.Which of the following is called Chalcolithic Age?

  1. Chalcolithic Age
  2. Iron Age
  3. Paleolithic Age
  4. Neolithic Age

Correct Ans: A. Chalcolithic Age

Q9.Which book has been translated into 15 Indian and 40 foreign languages?

  1. Panchatantra
  2. The Storytelling Sea
  3. Hipopedesh
  4. Abhigyan Shakuntalam

Correct Ans: A. Panchatantra

Q10. Borobudur is the site of?

  1. The grand palace of a Chola king in Tamil Nadu
  2. A Jain Math in Gujarat
  3. A giant temple of Vishnu and Shiva built in 12th century AD in Java
  4. A great stupa built in 8th century AD in Java

Correct Ans: D. A Great Stupa built in 8th century AD in Java

Q11.What is Numismatics?

  1. study of rhythm letters
  2. study of copper sheets
  3. Study of Ancient Manuscripts
  4. Study of Coins and Metals

Correct Ans: D. Study of coins and metals

Q12.Who were the Yaudheyas in ancient India?

  1. a republican tribe
  2. Chola feudal lords
  3. a sect of Buddhism
  4. A sect of Jainism

Correct Ans: A. A republican tribe

Q13.’Hitopadesh’ is the author of?

  1. Narayan Pandit
  2. Vishnu Sharma
  3. Banabhatt
  4. Bhavabhuti

Correct Ans: A. Narayan Pandit

Q14.The first metal used by man was?

  1. Copper
  2. iron
  3. gold
  4. silver

Correct Ans: A. Copper

Q15.Who composed ‘Natyashastra’?

  1. Bharat Muni
  2. Vatsyayana
  3. Vasumitra
  4. Ashwaghosh

Correct Ans: A. Bharat Muni

Q16.Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

  1. Mudrarakshasa-Vishakhadatta
  2. Saunderananda-Ashwaghosh
  3. Karpoormanjari–Harsha
  4. Malvikagnimitra–Kalidas

Correct Ans: C. Karpoormanjari–Harsha

Q17.Vikram Samvat started –

  1. 58 BC
  2. 73 BC
  3. 57 BC
  4. 78 BC

Correct Ans: A. 58 BC

Q18.Who is not matched?

  1. Buddhism – Word of the Dhamma
  2. Jainism – Bible
  3. Hinduism – Gita
  4. Muslim Religion – Quran

Correct Ans: B. Jainism – Bible

Q19.Where is Angkor Wat located?

  1. Indonesia
  2. Cambodia
  3. Vietnam
  4. Tibet

Correct Ans: B. Cambodia

Q20.Bihar is a great religious center?

  1. for Jains
  2. for Buddhists
  3. for Sikhs
  4. for all of this

Correct Ans: D. for all of this

Q21.In the Palaeolithic period were the means of entertainment of primitive man?

  1. music
  2. Equestrian
  3. hunting
  4. Gambling

Correct Ans: C. hunting

Q22.Which belief is common in Buddhist, Jain and Brahmin religions?

  1. Belief in God
  2. hard tenacity
  3. Theory of Karmaism
  4. the impermanence of the soul

Correct Ans: C. Theory of Karmavada

Q23. Name the source which is silent on the trade routes of ancient India?

  1. Milind Panho
  2. Sangam Literature
  3. Jataka Literature
  4. all of the above

Correct Ans: A. Milind Panho

Q24.Who was the author of the book ‘Mudrarakshas’?

  1. Banabhatt
  2. Kalhan
  3. Vishakhdutt
  4. Kautilya

Correct Ans: C. Visakhadatta

Q25.The most recent ancestor of modern humans is?

  1. Neanderthal Man
  2. Peking Man
  3. Java Man
  4. Cro-Magnon Man

Correct Ans: D. Cro-Magnon Man

Q26.Which one of the following ancient Indian inscriptions is the oldest royal order regarding the preservation of food grains for use in times of crisis in the country?

  1. Prayag Prashasti
  2. Mehrauli Iron Pillar inscription of Moon
  3. Sohgaura Tamrapatra
  4. Rummindei Pillar Text of Ashoka

Correct Ans: C. Sohgaura Tamrapatra

Q27.The excavation of which site gives information about close trade relations between India and Rome in the early centuries of the Christian era?

  1. tondi
  2. Arikamedu
  3. Madurai
  4. Tamalipti

Correct Ans: B. Arikamedu

Q28.Who among the following was the first Englishman to translate ‘Bhagavad Gita’ into English?

  1. Alexander Cunningham
  2. Jan Marshall
  3. William Jones
  4. Charles Wilkins

Correct Ans: D. Charles Wilkins

Q29.The ancient city Taxila was situated between which of the following?

  1. Chenab and Ravi
  2. Ravi and Vyas
  3. Sindhu and Jhelum
  4. Jhelum and Chenab

Correct Ans: C. Sindhu and Jhelum

Q30.The oldest form of modern Devanagari lip is?

  1. Prakrit
  2. lobe
  3. Kharoshthi
  4. Brahmi

Correct Ans: D. Brahmi

Q31. To which of the following is the title of ‘The Father of History’ in the true sense related?

  1. Thucydidis
  2. Socrates
  3. Herodotes
  4. Euripides

Correct Ans: C. Herodotus

Q32.The first grain used by humans was-

  1. tides
  2. millet
  3. rice
  4. Wheat and Barley

Correct Ans: D. Wheat and Barley

Q33.Which of the following is considered the latest?

  1. Pilt Gun Human
  2. Neanderthal Human
  3. Heidelberg Human
  4. Cro-Magnon Human

Correct Ans: D. Cro-Magnon Human

Q34. In whose inscription is the earliest specimen of poetic style found?

  1. Ashoka’s
  2. Rajendra’s
  3. Rudradaman’s
  4. none of these

Correct Ans: C. Rudradaman’s

Q35.Who first used the word ‘India’ for ‘Bharatvarsha’?

  1. strabo
  2. Arion
  3. Herodotes
  4. Megasthenes

Correct Ans: C. Herodotus

Q36.Which of the following port was known as ‘Podke’ to the anonymous author of ‘The Paris of the Christian Sea’?

  1. Korvai
  2. Barbaricum
  3. Arikamedu
  4. Tamalipti

Correct Ans: C. Arikamedu

Q37.How did the people of Maharashtra bury the dead under the floor of the house in the Chalcolithic Age?

  1. from south to north
  2. West to East
  3. from north to south
  4. East to West

Correct Ans: C. From North to South