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31 May 2022 Current Affairs In English – Top Question Answer

Top 31 May 2022 Current Affairs In English For All Competitive Exams. You Will Read The Top Question And Answer Related To 31 May 2022 Current Affairs In This Post. This Can Be Asked In Any Competitive Exams, Must Read Once.

31 May 2022 Current Affairs In English

Q1-Recently who has inaugurated North India’s first Biotech Park?

Answer – Dr. Jitendra Singh
Recently, on 28 May 2022, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh has inaugurated North India’s first Industrial Biotech Park in the Ghati of Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir.

Q2- Recently on which day the 17th edition of Mumbai International Film Festival has started?

Answer – 23 May 2022
Recently the 17th edition of Mumbai International Film Festival is being organized at Nehru Center Auditorium, Mumbai from 23rd May to 4th June 2022

Q3- Recently on which day INS Gomti was decommissioned?

Answer – 28 May 2022
Recently INS Gomti was decommissioned at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai on 28 May 2022. INS Gomti was renamed from Gomti river. It was commissioned on 16th April in the year 1988

Q4- Recently on which day Narendra Modi has released benefits under the Cares for Children scheme?

Answer – 30 May 2022
Recently, on 30 May 2022, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has released the benefits under the PM Cares for Children scheme, in this program the children were handed over the passbook and health card of PM Cares for Children.

Q5- Recently whose documentary ‘All That Breaths’ has won the ‘L’Oil d’Or award?

Answer – Shaunak Sen
Recently, filmmaker Shaunak Sen’s documentary ‘All That Breaths’ has won the ‘L’Oil d’Or award for the year 2022, this award also includes a cash prize of 5000 Euro

Q6- Recently which day has been observed as ‘International Day of UN Peacekeepers’?

Answer – 29 May 2022
Recently, 29 May 2022 has been observed as the International Day of UN Peacekeepers. This day is celebrated to honor about 4,200 peacekeepers who lost their lives under the United Nations flag in the year 1948

Q7- Recently which country has overtaken the US as India’s largest trading partner?

Answer – China
Recently, for the year 2021-22, the US has overtaken China to become India’s top trading partner. Bilateral trade between India and the US is about US$ 119.42 billion in the year 2021-22

Q8- Recently which film has won the d’Or award at the ‘Cannes Film Festival’ at Palme?

Answer – Triangle of Sadness
Recently on 28 May 2022, the Swedish director Ruben Ostlund’s film Triangle of Sadness has won the Palme d’Or Award for Best Picture at the Cannes Film Festival

Q9- Recently Sultana Begum passed away, what was she famous for?

Answer – Punjabi writer
Recently in May 2022, famous Punjabi writer Sultana Begum passed away. She was honored with ‘Professor Joga Singh’ award and ‘Waris Di Dhi’ award and her book ‘Shugufe’ became very popular

Q10- Recently by whom Indian business portal was launched?

Answer – Anupriya Patel
Recently India Business Portal was launched by Anupriya Patel, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry in New Delhi on 27th May 2022. This portal will act as an international trade hub for foreign buyers and Indian exporters

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