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26 October 2021 Current Affairs In English – Top Question Answer

Top 26 October 2021 Current Affairs In English For All Competitive Exams. You Will Read The Top Question And Answer Related To 26 October 2021 Current Affairs In This Post. This Can Be Asked In Any Competitive Exams, Must Read Once.

26 October 2021 Current Affairs In English

Q1-Which day is celebrated as ‘Indo-Tibetan Border Police’ ITBP’s Raising Day?

Answer – 24 October 2021
The Indo-Tibetan Border Police ‘ITBP’ has celebrated its 60th Raising Day on 24 October 2021. ITBP was created in the year 1962 to reorganize the border intelligence and security established on the Indo-Tibetan border

Q2-Who will inaugurate the Research Center at IIT Jammu?

Answer – Amit Shah
Home Minister Amit Shah will inaugurate the 2nd phase of a multi-disciplinary research center and the foundation of the 3rd phase of the center at ‘IIT’ Jammu will also be laid

Q3-Who has honored the winners of ‘IndiaSkills 2021 Regional Com’?

Answer – Fagu Chauhan
Fagu Chauhan felicitated the winners of IndiaSkills 2021 Regional Competition held in Patna and also gave a gold medal and a cash prize of Rs 21,000 to all the winners

Q4- In which state ‘Iconic Week Utsav’ started to promote tourism and culture?

Answer – Jammu and Kashmir
In order to promote tourism, culture, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has started a one week ‘Iconic Week Utsav’ on 23 October 2021, this festival will be organized till 29 October 2021

Q5-Which day is observed as ‘World Polio Day’?

Answer – 24 October 2021
Every year 24 October is celebrated as ‘World Polio Day’ This day was started by Rotary International to commemorate the birth of Jonas Salk, who developed a vaccine against poliomyelitis

Q6-Which day is celebrated as ‘United Nations Day’?

Answer – 24 October 2021
Every year 24 October is celebrated as ‘United Nations Day’, this day marks the anniversary of the United Nations Charter that came into force in the year 1947

Q7-In which state India’s first bunny buffalo IVF calf was born?

Answer – Gujarat
Vinay L., a farmer of Sushil Agro Farm in Somnath district of Gujarat state. India’s OPU-IVF work has reached the next level with the birth of the first IVF calf of a buffalo breed at Vala’s house

Q8-Who has presented the book on ‘Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’?

Answer – Shafi Kidwai
Recently Shafi Kidwai has introduced a new book titled ‘Sir Syed Ahmed Khan: Reason, Religion and Nation’ This book tells about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Q9-In which state Indian Army has established ‘Airspace Control Centre’?

Answer – Arunachal Pradesh
For the first time, the Indian Army has set up an ‘Airspace Control Center’ in the Forward Area in West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh.

Q10- Which award has been won by ‘Kung Fu Nuns’ for martial arts education?

Answer – UNESCO Prize
The world-renowned kung fu nuns of the Drukpa sect of Buddhism have won the Martial Arts Education Award from the UNESCO International Center for Martial Arts for martial arts education

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